Gis may not have any other school or affiliate patches. A limited selection of gis are available to rent at the academy. 


Kids 3-5


The Kids 3-5 Class is for our youngest Jiu Jitsu athletes. They will be introduced to class structure and simple age appropriate Jiu Jitsu techniques all while helping to develop confidence and a love for sports. Students will have fun learning while improving their movement, coordination, strength and flexibility with obstacle courses and games.

Class Length | 45 Minutes

*Enrollment in this class is limited to 15 students. Please contact us if you would like to add your child to the waitlist.


Kids 5-7 & Kids 8-13


At Roma Jiu Jitsu Academy, our Kids Classes are designed to help each child develop their understanding of Jiu Jitsu and build strong basic skills. They are guided through foundational Jiu Jitsu techniques as they advance in their coordination, movement and strength. In addition to building skills, they will learn discipline, respect, confidence and how to be a part of a team in a safe, fun and structured environment. Our coaches are passionate about seeing each child succeed both on and off the mat. Classes will include techniques, drills, sparring and games.

Class Length | 1 Hour

*Enrollment for our Kids Classes is currently closed. Please contact us to schedule a free trial.


Kids Advanced


The Kids Advanced Class is for colored belts ages 7-13 with instructors permission. This class is ideal for the young athlete who wants to focus on competitive Jiu Jitsu with opportunities to travel. It will continue to challenge the students by introducing more detailed techniques at a higher pace. They will learn more about competitive jiu jitsu, point systems and strategies, and learn how to develop an athlete's mindset. The class will include drilling, technique, and strength exercises with an emphasis on sparring.

Class Length | 1 Hour