Gis may not have any other school or affiliate patches. A limited selection of gis are available to rent at the academy. 



Open to beginning white belts and higher

The first step of your Jiu Jitsu journey will start with our Basics Class.  The curriculum for this class is designed to introduce important concepts and techniques, while developing the skills necessary for a strong foundation in the sport. The Basics Class is also open to any belt level who would like to strengthen their basic skills. This class focuses on warm ups, drills and technique with minimal sparring.

Class Length | 1 Hour

*This class is suitable for those brand new to Jiu Jitsu



Open to colored belts and white belt students who have completed the Basics Program

Fundamentals Class is the next step after our Basics Class. Geared towards students from white - black belt, this class will continue to build upon a student's knowledge and skills, while increasing the level of difficulty. In addition to strengthening foundational Jiu Jitsu techniques, this class will go in depth with details from every position. With more emphasis on situational drills and sparring, the student will improve their endurance and mindset as they sharpen their individual strengths.

Class Length | 1.5 Hours

*This class is suitable for all belt levels


Open to colored belts and white belts with instructor’s approval

The Advanced Class is for students blue belt and up who are looking for an opportunity to take their Jiu Jitsu to the next level. In this class students will build upon their knowledge while utilizing modern, detailed and innovative techniques to advance their game. This class will take students more in depth and will set them on the path to achieving a black belt.

Class Length | 1.5 Hours



Open to colored belts and white belts who have completed the Basics Program

The sport aspect of Jiu Jitsu is the focus of our Competition Class. It is for those whose goal is to push boundaries and advance their unique style while developing mental and physical strength. Students will be challenged to grow, become more focused, and learn competitive discipline. Through the Roma competition team, students will have the opportunity to compete locally as well as travel and challenge themselves by taking their Jiu Jitsu to a broader stage. This class will include high pace competition style drills and sparring, as well as learning point systems and competition strategies.

Class Length | 1 Hour



Open to all belt levels

The No-Gi Class adds a new dimension to your training. In this aspect of Jiu Jitsu, you will be challenged to learn different variations of techniques, and how to adapt gi concepts into no gi situations. Understanding the dynamics of both gi and No-Gi can be beneficial to your overall Jiu Jitsu game. A rash guard and no gi shorts or gi pants must be worn to participate in this class. 

Class Length | 1 Hour