We joined the Roma ‘Ohana a year and a half ago, and it has been an absolute blessing from the very start. It is a clean, respectable, well run facility. Professor Kawika’s passion shines through his students. Our teammates are a reflection of him. He’s patient, and encouraging with each one of us. We’re so happy and grateful to be learning high-level jiu jitsu from a professor such as him. Roma has not only been a blessing for me and Danny but for our entire community. Oss!
— Je’ani Sioloa, Hilo, HI


Ages 14 & Up

Monthly Package | 8 classes/month - $75/month

Monthly Package | unlimited classes - $100/month

3 Month Package | unlimited classes - $95/month  

6 Month Package | unlimited classes - $90/month

1 Year Package | unlimited classes - $85/month



Ages 3 - 13

Monthly Package | 8 classes/month - $75/month

3 Month Package | 2 classes/week - $70/month

6 Month Package | 2 classes/week - $65/month

1 Year Package | 2 classes/week - $60/month

*Package upgrades available. Please inquire for details.

Family Discount

We offer a family discount of 5% on the overall tuition of the 2nd family member and a 10% discount on the overall tuition of the 3rd family member. Family relationship will be verified at the time of sign up.

Initiation Fee

A one-time initiation fee of $45 will be charged at the time of sign up. A team t-shirt will be included at no extra charge.

Drop-In Fee

All drop-ins are $15 per class

Private Lessons

Please inquire to schedule private or small group lessons. 

Free Trial

The 1st class is FREE for all Big Island residents!

BJJ has brought me and my sons closer together as a family, sharing values that hard work and discipline can achieve anything. Roma JJA is family. We are a team from the beginning white belt to our most advanced team members. Professor Kawika in three words… kind, humble, and aloha.
— S. Harmeling, Hilo, HI
For a while, we had been interested in having our son take up the art of Jiu Jitsu, but, were unable to find an academy that suited us. Through a friend, we were told that a new academy would be opening up. After waiting a few months, Roma Jiu Jitsu opened their doors and we attended their grand opening. It was definitely worth the wait. The academy is beautiful and clean, but, more than the aesthetics, the people who are Roma Jiu Jitsu are what makes this academy great!
Prof. Kawika is a wonderful teacher that is able to communicate completely the intricacies of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques to the youngest student up to the adults class. Whether the student is recreational or an avid competitor, he has a great ability to motivate and inspire his students to be the best that they can be in this sport.
The coaches of Roma are the best people that we have met. They support the students in such a positive way one hundred percent of the time. Sometimes it may be to lend a word of advice during a match, or how to improve on a technique. Other times, it is to give a comforting word or embrace when things don’t go their way. They teach, correct, and encourage the students to keep going forward, to not give up, and to persevere. All the while, keeping it all positive and fun too!
Two years have passed since my son joined Roma and he loves it. He loves the challenge that Jiu Jitsu provides, learning techniques, spending time with his teammates and everyone who make up the “Roma ‘Ohana.” In his own words, “Roma is a great place to learn and practice Jiu Jitsu because of its positive atmosphere.”
— Davenie Leyson, Hilo, HI